About Us


Acme International School is a progressive, child-centered and co-educational English medium school and we are committed to provide quality Education for all its students.

The school offers Pre – Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary School Education.

We believe that the pursuit of knowledge equips and enables our students to make a powerful difference in the world.

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Accreditation and Affiliations

Our Aim, Vision & Mission

The ACME Story

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop students who are well aware, socially responsible, creative, explorative and think clearly with good self management and interactive skills.

Our Vision

We understand that a students horizon is limited & therefore use international methods of teaching to enable them to be confident, aspiring and well adjusted individuals in their chosen vocation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a creative, interactive, engaging & thorough system that is comprehensive, practical and futuristic which motivates students towards self learning.

Why Choose Our School

Learning beyond classrooms

The school aims to educate children intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically in order to help them make a positive contribution to society, be adaptable problem solvers and capable of dealing with the demands of life now and in the future.

Nurturing, talented & creative faculty

Professional development is encouraged and ongoing. Our teachers are experienced in their fields, and are dedicated to the goal that each and every one of their students succeed to best of their ability.

Committed to provide the best

A state of the art campus implementing the best technologies & methodologies in education surrounded by a caring community that demonstrates concern for its members as well as people throughout the world.

Our Team

Staff at ACME

Pooja Mongia holds MA(Eng), B'Ed, NTT & has a collective experience in the teaching field for over 2+ years.

Pooja Mongia

Teaching Staff

Deepthi Ahuja is an MBA(Finance) graduate & has been teaching students for over 3+ years.

Deepthi Ahuja

Teaching Staff

Mrs.Usha Sheokand holds multiple degrees including BA B'Ed, MA M'Ed (MA Edu) & has over 4+ years of experience teaching children.

Mrs.Usha Sheokand

Teaching Staff

Mr.Sunil Jha is an BSc ADFT graduate & has over 10+ years of experience teaching children.

Sunil Jha

Teaching Staff

Shilpi Shukla holds BA, B'Ed & MA degrees & has been working as a teacher for over 2+ years.

Shilpi Shukla

Teaching Staff

Munesh Kumar is an MP.Ed graduate & an inter varsity achiever who has been training our students for more than 4+ months.

Munesh Kumar

Teaching Staff

Sanya holds a BBA(CAM) degree & has been working as a teacher for over 6+ months.


Teaching Staff

Mrs.Keerti Chhabra is an M.Tech, B.Tech graduate & has over 2+ years of experience teaching students.

Mrs.Keerti Chhabra

Teaching Staff

Hoshiyar Singh is an M.Tech, B.Tech graduate & has over 2+ years of experience teaching students.

Hoshiyar Singh

Teaching Staff

Manish Mishra is an M.Sc (Biology), B.Ed graduate & has over 15+ years of experience teaching students.

Manish Mishra

Teaching Staff

Hitesh Kumar is an M.Com, B.Ed graduate & has over 6+ years of experience teaching students.

Hitesh Kumar

Teaching Staff

Vinod Kumar is an M.Sc (Math), B.Ed graduate & has over 8+ years of experience teaching students.

Vinod Kumar

Teaching Staff


Acme international school is looking for bright talent who can partner with us in our journey towards success. Please send us your resume by emailing it to acme.schoolmanager@gmail.com. Every aspirant goes through a evaluation process and you will be notified regarding the progress of your application by our HR department.

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